A musical voyage of discovery. The music of the Americas is united by surprising connections. Come hear calypso strains in Gaspé fiddle music. Pick out Lac-St-Charles square dance rhythms in Guadeloupean tunes: AMAZING.


With the colourful, spicy music of the last century, Strada has invented a spirited new repertoire. Performing fluently in all five languages of the Americas,* they tame the intricate dance rhythms of Québec and the Caribbean: VIRTUOSIC


Strada’s joyful performances will enchant you. In the heat of the moment, to the beat of the rhythm, the urge to move your feet and sway your hips becomes irresistible: ECSTATIC


*English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Creole.


Gabrielle Bouthillier(vocals, accordion)

Pierre Tanguay (percussion)

Jasmin Cloutier (guitars)

Pierre Langevin (clarinets, ti’fer)

Liette Remon (vocals, violin, clarinet)

Jean-Philippe Reny (banjo, violin, guitar)

Pierre Cartier (electric bass)

stage director : Michel Faubert