Productions STRADA


For 30 years, Strada has been walking down the road of music of memory. A bit unclassifiable, at the crossroads of multiple trends, the company pursues its joyful and disconcerting quest for the unheard of.

Versatile, the musicians and singers master many repertoires: klezmer, gypsy, Occitan, Greek, Italian, Irish, Quebecois, Martinique, Cajun. Multilingual, their colorful songs recreate amazing musical landscapes. Driven by an infectious enthusiasm, the artists of the Strada ensemble do not seek to transmit their knowledge of world music, but rather the pleasure they bring!

Strada is also the street, a place suspended between origin and destination, where stories cross and destinies are woven. It is also where people from all over the world gather to celebrate! Strada carries a universal baggage. Its music belongs to everyone.

STRADA 2006 : Pierre Langevin, Liette Remon, Jean-Philippe Reny, Gabrielle Bouthillier, Pierre Tanguay. (Photo Roger Côté)

STRADA 2006 : Pierre Langevin, Liette Remon, Jean-Philippe Reny, Gabrielle Bouthillier, Pierre Tanguay. (Photo Roger Côté)


To initiate and sensitize young people and the general public to all types of music (contemporary, classical, world) to help them grow as citizens.


2,000 shows, educational and training workshops for professional musicians and singers, an Adisq nomination, a discography including 12 titles, toured on three continents

Strada 2013 Gabrielle Bouthillier, Pierre Tanguay, Jasmin Cloutier, Pierre Langevin, Liette Remon, Jean-Philippe Reny (photo Pierre Crépô)

1,200 volunteers, 400 venues and more than 100 associated cultural and institutional partners (communities, ministries, accredited stages), in close collaboration with schools, music schools, etc.


Equal access to music, openness to the world, proximity to the public, discovery and renewal, quality.


Le chant des passeurs : creation for the official program of the 400th anniversary of Quebec City

Wandering Minstrels: creation for young audiences, performed 300 times in three languages, French, English and Spanish.

Participation in the following festivals

Quebec City International Summer Festival

Olala Festival, Austria

Montreal Jazz Festival

Guanajuato Festival, Mexico

Tollwood Festival, Munich, Germany

Discography : more than twelve albums


Winner of the Opus Prize for Best Young Audience Production of the Year in Quebec for The Merry Marching Band.